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YonoJobs allows you to schedule long-running jobs, such as training machine learning models, at your preferred times. You can track your jobs using the tables of the active, upcoming, and previous jobs. To create a new job:

  1. Click Create job.
  2. Specify the attributes of the job:
    • Name is used to identify the job and track its progress.
    • Environment and Version are for the runtime environment of the job.
    • Python File Path is the path of the main Python file of the job.
    • Arguments are passed to the job’s main Python file as follows: python source_path arguments.
    • Log File Path is the path of the file that will be used for the job’s output log.
    • Resource Model is used to run the job.
    • Check Schedule later at to schedule the job on the date and time you specify.
  3. Click Create.

A job can be in one of the following states:

  1. Scheduled to be run in the future.
  2. Waiting for the resources to be allocated and the environment to be prepared.
  3. Running
  4. Completed if the job completes successfully.
  5. Aborted if you abort the job while running.
  6. Failed if the job terminates with a non-zero exit code.