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Resources and Billing

Hardware resources are needed for many Yonohub actions, such as building an environment, running a job, running a YonoArc pipeline, etc. In order to meet the requirements of different workloads, Yonohub offers four resource models with different CPU, memory, SSD, and GPU resources as follows:

Resource ModelCPU CoresMemory Size (GB)SSD Size (GiB)GPU
GK1461128Tesla K80
12 GB Memory

Whenever Yonohub needs to allocate hardware resources for an action, Yonohub allows you to select the resource model you wish. It is important to note that the resource model you select for a particular action does not limit your options for future actions. For example, you can build an environment using C1, but later use the same environment to start Jupyter using C2.

After selecting the resource model you wish, Yonohub will always show an Express button with a rocket icon. This button allocates your resource model faster, but incurs an additional 30% cost compared to the corresponding non-Express resource model. If Yonohub wasn’t able to allocate your resource model fast enough, no additional cost will be incurred.

Pricing information are detailed here. With Yonohub, you only pay as long as you are using the resource. Yonohub uses Per-Second Billing with a minimum of two minutes for each action.

You can track your current balance and your transactions as follows:

  1. Click your profile picture on Yonohub’s main view.
  2. Click Account Settings.
  3. Click the Transactions History tab. Your current balance is shown at the top right corner of the tab.
  4. Select the start and end dates and click Filter. The details of your transactions are shown including the application, resource model, start time, end time, and cost of each transaction.