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YonoDrive is the data manager of Yonohub. YonoDrive is a slow type of storage that is best suitable for data that is rarely moved. YonoDrive includes 4 folders: /MyDrive for your personal data, /MyTeams for data shared with your teams, /Keys for your SSH keys, and /YonoStoreDatasets for the datasets published/purchased from YonoStore. Anything you modify under YonoDrive folders will be persisted in YonoDrive, but beware that this is a slow type of storage. For a fast SSD, you can use the root directory (in Jupyter, YonoJobs, etc.), but beware that this is not persisted in YonoDrive. You have to move your files from the SSD to YonoDrive before the termination of the app/job if you wish to persist the files.

YonoDrive supports the following features:

  • Navigate your files and folders.
  • Search for a file or folder using the top search bar.
  • Open a file by double-clicking it.
  • Edit a file by double-clicking it, editing it, then clicking Edit.
  • Create a new folder by clicking Create folder.
  • Delete, Copy, MoveRename, or Compress files or folders.
  • Upload files from your personal computer by clicking Upload Files.
  • Download files to your personal computer using the context menu.
  • Publish on YonoStore in order to publish datasets on YonoStore using the context menu.
  • Share files/folders with one of your teams by moving/copying into the corresponding folder under /MyTeams.

YonoDrive is fully integrated with all the apps in Yonohub:

  • YonoArc blocks read and write data to YonoDrive. YonoArc saves and opens .arc files from YonoDrive as well.
  • YonoJobs runs jobs using code and data that are stored in YonoDrive.
  • YonoStore can be used to publish datasets that are stored in YonoDrive.
  • YonoEBuilder‘s environments are stored in YonoDrive, although being hidden for protection.
  • Jupyter Notebook is used as a web IDE for your code that is stored in YonoDrive.

YonoDrive shows your storage usage on the bottom left corner. Note that the operations Delete, Copy, Move, and Rename take some time to be executed, depending on the size of the file or folder.