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Yonohub is the first cloud-based system for designing, sharing, and evaluating autonomous vehicle systems using just blocks! Yonohub features a drag-and-drop tool to build complex systems consisting of many blocks, a marketplace to share and monetize blocks, a builder for custom environments, and much more.

Yonohub includes a set of built-in apps:

  1. YonoArc provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to design and evaluate complex systems consisting of many building blocks, fully abstracted from their different environments and resource requirements.
  2. YonoEBuilder allows you to build custom environments (each with a set of packages and dependencies) with just a few clicks and to use these environments with other Yonohub apps: develop YonoArc blocks, run jobs using YonoJobs, launch custom apps, etc.
  3. YonoJobs allows you to schedule long-running jobs, such as training machine learning models, at your preferred times.
  4. YonoStore is the marketplace of Yonohub. Everyone can publish or purchase YonoArc blocks, environments, and datasets. With just a few clicks, you instantly share your work or get access to the items published by other developers.
  5. YonoDrive is the data manager of Yonohub, and it is fully integrated with all Yonohub apps, including both built-in and custom apps.
  6. GitLab is a Git-repository manager providing source code management, issue-tracking, wiki, etc. GitLab is available at gitlab.yonohub.com once you sign up at Yonohub.

You can also bring your existing apps into Yonohub as Custom Apps and make them accessible to everyone at any time right from their browsers. Even if your apps are desktop apps that are not built for the web, you can still access them using remote desktop technologies such as VNC. Jupyter Notebook is provided as a pinned custom app on the main view. You can use it as an IDE, and it includes a Terminal as well.

Yonohub is built for team collaboration. It allows teams to share blocks using YonoArc, environments using YonoEBuilder, and data using YonoDrive. You can manage your teams by clicking your profile picture on the main view, then clicking Account Settings, then navigating to the Team Settings tab.

It is essential to understand how Resources and Billing work since they are used in all Yonohub apps. You should also check our basic and advanced tutorials here.

If you have any questions, feature requests, or bug reports, please use support.yonohub.com using the same username and password (but you have to confirm your email again with the first login). If you need private support, please send a direct message to the Yonohub Team account.